8310 – 7310 Beta Software

Note: when upgrading v1.1.x to a higher version, you must upgrade the loader! See the readme.txt file in the download, section “Upgrade the Boot Loader”. When downgrading to v1.1.x from a higher version, you must back up your data first!


8310 v3.0.6

Published to Beta 1/10/2020

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.6
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.6_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v3.0.6_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where “ui” command failed to start the user interface in 7310 terminal session.

8310 v3.0.5

Published to Beta 11/07/2019

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.5
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.5_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v3.0.5_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Revised upgrade files to specify the version of Xterm required to successfully upgrade. This prevents old versions of XTerm from processing a new upgrade file and corrupting a CE6 unit with CE5 files.
  • Updated production upgrade file to include Xterm.

8310 v3.0.4

Published to Beta 11/01/2019

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.4
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v3.0.4_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v3.0.4_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Increased time waited for SD Card to mount.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v3.0.x production upgrade file where OS image was in the wrong location.
  • Operating system version updated for units shipping after August 2019.
  • Non-printable characters in logged data are now displayed as spaces when viewing logged data from the terminal interface.
  • Files with a “.log” extension that are not valid log files are now ignored during the log scan at startup.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when testing SSP formatted transmission over LAN.

8310 v2.13.2

Published to Beta 11/02/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.13.2
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.13.2_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.13.2_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where GPRS and LAN transmissions using SSP format did not use SSP protocol handshaking, and instead, simply included an SSP-formatted message as data payload.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by use or Basic Systat(9) command and command-line “info” command.
  • Fixed a bug in RAS API in Basic where PPP failed to time-out when unable to connect.

8310 v2.13.1

Published to Beta 05/15/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.13.1
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.13.1_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.13.1_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bug in INSAT formatter to exclude data marked for exclusion (i.e., Content setting set to “Exclude”).

8310 v2.12.16

Published to Beta 02/13/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.16
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.16_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.16_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug in SHEF formatted retransmissions where the offset parameter was relative to the original transmission time, rather than the retransmission time.
  • Fixed a bug where GPRS modem would get into a loop reporting RAS error code 633.

8310 v2.12.15

Published to Beta 01/31/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.15
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.15_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.15_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where system would stop allowing logins by telnet.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated login attempts resulted in a memory leak.

8310 v2.12.14

Published to Beta 01/18/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.14
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.14_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.14_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Added ability to specify a Basic program as a custom formatter for LAN transmissions.

8310 v2.12.13

Published to Beta 01/15/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.13
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.13_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.13_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Increased ACK timeout used in Hydromet Cloud protocol to 60 seconds, to reduce the chance of retransmitting data that has already been received by the destination server.

8310 v2.12.12

Published to Beta 01/08/2018

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.12
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.12_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.12_Offline

Change Highlights

  • The GPRS power warmup setting now defaults to 60 seconds.

8310 v2.12.11

Published to Beta 11/27/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.11
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.11_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.11_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug that caused GOES params to be out of sequence in test menu until completion of next transmission
  • Fixed a bug that caused formatting of transmission messages in test menus to take tens of seconds or more

8310 v2.12.10

Published to Beta 10/20/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.10
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.10_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.10_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Improved i2c communication reliability in noisy bus conditions
  • Fixed a bug where the reported message length of 1200 baud messages was twice what it should be
  • The GPRS Radio Band setting has been replaced with a Modem type setting and custom settings menu
  • The system now retrieves transmission data from the log, if it is not found in memory
  • Fixed a bug where the vectored average wind gust direction was initialized incorrectly, causing the value to stay 0 following the interval start, until an increase in wind speed was observed from its initial value

8310 v2.12.9

Published to Beta 09/26/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.9
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.9_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.9_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where transmissions failed to contain data with centered time-stamps enabled.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.12.2 where Num Vals was incorrectly set and hidden from view when selected transmission format was interleaved (e.g., Pseudobinary Interleaved, or ASCII Column format)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.12.4 where LAN transmission would fail with message, “could not init modem”, when SNTP time synchronization was enabled and configured to turn on the LAN.

8310 v2.12.8

Published to Beta 07/12/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.8
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.8_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.8_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where the time-stamp of an accumulation output was incorrect when the associated measurement interval was 00:00:00, as is the case when a “continuous”accumulation (one that never resets), is desired.

8310 v2.12.7

Published to Beta 06/27/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.7
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.7_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.7_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Improved MODBUS TCP master communications (e.g., MBSensor and MBOut), by flushing input prior to sending a new command. This ensures any late response by the MOBDUS slave is not interpreted as the response to the new command.
  • Added support for automatic retransmission of missed transmissions, to LAN, GPRS, and Iridium
  • Added new feature to support transmissions to multiple IP addresses using LAN or GPRS
  • Fixed minor bug in LAN and GPRS telemetry menus where Num Values was hidden given a format selection of ASCII Column
  • Added support for revised Hydromet Cloud protocol (session type “1”), to improve reliability of transmissions
  • Added CSV transmission format (LAN, GPRS)
  • Added support for selecting “EUMET HRDCP 1200” satellite type for use with Satlink, and renamed “MSG” satellite type to “EUMET SRDCP 100”
  • Fixed minor bug where MODBUS settings Delay 1 and Delay 2 were not disabled and ignored when using MODBUS over RS485
  • Fixed minor bug where auto-detect feature in Setup – Communications menu failed to detect the presence of a Satlink3.

8310 v2.12.3

Published to Beta 03/13/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.3
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.3_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.3_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Added watchdog on startup, to reboot the system should there be a problem loading logs, etc.

8310 v2.12.2

Published to Beta 02/13/2017

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.2
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.2_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.2_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Added “ASCII Column” transmission format
  • Added “Center Timestamp” option to averaging measurement types (including vector average)

8310 v2.12.1

Published to Beta 12/19/2016

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.1
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.12.1_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.12.1_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Added ability to set system time using SNTP (network time service)
  • Fixed a bug where clearing the log would result in a memory leak

8310 v2.11.7

Published to Beta 10/13/2016

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.11.7
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.11.7_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.11.7_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bug in INSAT formatter that would occasionally result in corrupted buffer contents
  • Fixed bug in INSAT formatter where reported hour reflected hour formatting occurred, rather than hour of actual transmission

8310 v2.10.10

Published to Production 6/13/2016
Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.10.10
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.10.10_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.10.10_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a memory leak in Basic’s WaitEvent function
  • Added a timeout to force-hangup GPRS (RAS/PPP) dial attempt, should it get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where registry entries for an HSPA modem were being overwritten during upgrade
  • Updated vectored average algorithm to use Yamartino method for calculating STD Direction Unit
  • Fixed issue in 2.10.6 where loading a setup having the old “GMS” sat type did not convert it to MTSAT
  • Fixed a bug that caused the formatted output of a setup containing a measurement of type Reference to show the wrong setup data (and sometimes throw an exception due to an out of bounds index)
  • Added new property to Constant input types, “AutoSaveSetup”, that determines whether the setup is saved following a change to the constant value due to an SSP tag write or a change via the main menu (not a change by changing the value of the constant in the Setup menu, where changes are always saved)
  • Added support for selecting new Japan MTSAT 100 and 300 BPS satellite types under Satlink settings
  • Fixed a bug where the Iridium property “MaxDailyBytes” was ignored when the associated GPRS failure occurred later than 3 minutes from start of the scheduled transmission
  • Improved ability to recover from a specific corruption of Flash Disk
  • Updates to Xterm to improve reliability when performing system upgrades
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to an SMS transmission not being attempted when a GPRS transmission failure occurs
  • The Basic Val() function now rejects out of bound characters and performs a sanity check on the input string length. These changes help ensure the system remains stable even if a junk string is used as input to the Val() function
  • Added support for HSPA/HSPDA/3G cell modems
  • Allow MODBUSTCP packets to contain extra trailing data
  • Add support for the Janus HSPA910T based on Telit HE910 UMTS/HSPA+, to be used in GPRS telemetry

8310 v2.9.14

Published to Production 05/14/2015

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.9.14
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.9.14_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.9.14_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Added option to log data with a timestamp matching the actual time the data was sampled, rather than the normal scheduled time
  • ALERT dll is now included in offline setup
  • Added support for Airmar PB200 MET sensor
  • Added “time of min” and “time of max” outputs to Average measurement type
  • Revised the sample cache logic to better handle late measurements. Previously, when a cached measurement was in progress from a previous interval, if a new measurement was needed, a new measurement was started rather than waiting for the one in progress to complete
  • Added support for using Iridium as a fall-back to GPRS transmissions (i.e., to transmit via Iridium only if the corresponding GPRS transmission fails)
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the MBOut “RegisterType” setting to be set to “0? (zero), rather than one of its valid values of “Holding Register” or “Coil”
  • When writing MODBUS registers using the MBOut measurement type, if only one register is to be written, the system now writes the register using the “write single register” MODBUS opcode, rather than the “write multiple registers” opcode with number of registers set to one. This change broadens the number of MODBUS slave devices whose registers can be written
  • Added option to include station name in Iridium transmission header
  • Modify the GPRS SSP TimeTag format to make it easier for XConnect to decode
  • Restored default memory speed to higher rate, and now slow memory speed only immediately before entering sleep, in order to address idiosyncrasy of current SDRAM memory
  • Added “N=” prefix to optional station name field included in Iridium header
  • Fixed a bug in alarm evaluations that prevented multiple-level alarms from being processed correctly

8310 v2.8.7

Released to Production 10/28/2014

Download the SD Card upgrade here: 8310_v2.8.7
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310_v2.8.7_Xterm

Download offline setup program for PC here: 8310_v2.8.7_Offline

Change Highlights

  • Diagnostic information is now output COM1 at boot when built-in SDRAM testing fails
  • Updated SDRAM initialization code to support new manufacturer (ISSI)
  • Modified the GPRS SSP TimeTag format to make it easier for XConnect to decode
  • Added support for ALERT reporting via High Sierra transmitter
  • The SDI-12 input can now work with SDI-12 sensors that measure up to 99 parameters
  • Fixed a bug in voice modem menus used to edit the dial in and dial out messages. Selecting the final menu entry (e.g., “End DialInMsg” or “End DialOutMsg”), and pressing SET/ENTER no longer causes the program to crash

8310 v2.7.3

Released to Production 04/11/2014

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.7.3.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.7.3_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.7.3_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Added more French voice files to support customer requests
  • Fixed a bug in an internal binary data class that could cause a crash on deletion. Two potential areas where this could manifest: 1) Basic input statement when reading CSV input, and 2) internal SSP communications between remote and 8310 application
  • Fixed a bug to prevent possibility of buffer overrun in an as-yet unused portion of serial processing code
  • Setting satlink to factory defaults now works even when Satlink has been started
  • System now prompts to turn recording off as part of sending command to set Satlink to factory defaults
  • Added support for epoch date-time changes in Iridium system. All 7310 and 8310 loggers using a Sutron Iridium modem to set system time should install this update before May, 2014, or should disable time synchronization in the Iridium set up menu
  • Fixed a bug in 8310 offline program installer so that 8310.exe will now successfully run after installation

8310 v2.6.7

Released to Production 09/18/2013

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.6.7.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.6.7_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.6.7_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Added French language to voice modem
  • Added ability to change language selection via voice modem prompt and key press
  • Peudobinary B and C messages sent over SMS now substitute chars to ensure all chars can be sent without using extra escape characters (which would incur additional costs). See manual for substitution table
  • Fixed a bug that would on rare occasion (more often with slower baud rates), result in stalling a measurement or communications operation involved in serial output (e.g., modbus, satlink, remote CL/SSP communications)
  • A bug was fixed in logic used as a backup mechanism to ensure the system reboots when it has decided to do so for LAN settings reconfiguration or due to i2c health monitoring
  • Minor updates to PPP SLL to improve operation and reliability
  • Fixed a bug in SSP transmissions over GPRS so that selected tags are transmitted
  • Fixed a bug preventing selection of custom basic formatting routine
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a lock up when logging multiple averages to a log record
  • Fixed a bug in record formatting so that field formats are maintained even when field has not yet been posted (e.g., instead of formatting the entire field as “???”, only the data portion will be formatted as “???”)
  • Changes made to a log field from LogRecords menu now take effect immediately, rather than require a reboot
  • Fixed a bug in Basic where using a variable containing time to initialize a Reading using the Reading function causes a program crash (exception)

8310 v2.5.16

Released to Production 07/2/2013

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.5.16.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.5.16_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.5.16_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug that would rarely cause an exception when loading a new setup
  • Fixed a bug in modbus where MBSensor would report “MODBUS on COMx: not found!”
  • Fixed bug in MBSensor input type where readings would fail if all settings were the same except for target register
  • Fixed a bug in MBSensor input type where a change to target register after creating measurement would sometimes result in failed measurements
  • SSP formatted transmissions (GPRS and Iridium) now include a nil byte for every data point tagged having bad or undefined quality
  • Fixed a bug in GPRS and ISBD telemetry tags where if TxContent is set to All, and TxInterval is more frequent than the measurement interval, then the number of values to transmit is computed as 0. In this scenario, it should be 1
  • Incoming Iridium commands may now optionally include a space and/or an exclamation point after the authorization code, before the command
  • Fixed bug where Log Record field list contained too many entries after a measurement Copy
  • When downloading “since last”, the system now remembers where to start even across reboots

8310 v2.4.3

Released to Production 3/1/2013

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.4.3.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.4.3_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.4.3_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Added option for 4-wire or 5-wire measurement to Differential Resistance measurement type
  • Added support for SDI-12 “R” commands
  • Average, VecAverage, Accumulate, and Evapotranspiration now all handle system time changes that occur during the sampling period
  • Added ability to upload and download any type of file via terminal interface. This gives an easy way to manage files containing lookup tables, etc.
  • Added ability for user to scroll through the entire response from an SDI sensor when using the “Send SDI-12 command” feature on the diagnostics page
  • Changes to system time now result in a status message being logged noting the change The battery voltage included in GPRS and Iridium pseudo-binary messages is now scaled per (BatteryVolts – 10.6) / 0.234, before conversion to 6-bit binary.
  • Fixed bug preventing all data from being returned in response to “dir” command sent via SMS
  • Iridium now processes all received commands without potential for paginated responses
  • Iridium totals (tx/rx byte counts, etc.) are now logged and then reset to 0, daily at midnight
  • Improved ability to detect missing data when DataInterval of “00:00:00” is used in GPRS and Iridium telemetry settings on an output
  • Added ability to see long SDI-12 command responses in diagnostics menu
  • Fixed a bug in basic where an exception would occasionally be thrown when calling a function in a DLL
  • Fixed a bug in Iridium report header where code for message response was incorrect

8310 v2.3.14

Released to Production 09/17/2012

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.3.14.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.3.14_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.3.14_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Added custom calibration to DiffResistance input type
  • When creating new measurements, schedule params (Interval, Time, etc.) are now defaulted to the same as used in the last measurement created. Similarly, the last mux name assigned is used as the default for the next mux created
  • Added ability to “Move” a measurement (reorder it within the measurement list)
  • Added new “PT” input type to support potentiometer measurements in China Dam Safety system
  • Added new “PR” input type to support piezo resistive measurements in China Dam Safety system
  • Streamlined creation of Vibrating Wire measurement type to support China Dam Safety system
  • Streamlined creation of Differential Resistance measurement type to support China Dam Safety system
  • Streamlined creation of Inclinometer measurement type to support China Dam Safety system
  • When user resets an accumulation, a note is added to the system log describing the action
  • A live measurement of the Counter input type no longer clears the counts
  • Added slight sleep after taking a live measurement in diagnostics inputs menu, to allow result of measurement to show
  • Added option to create a nand image for pre-programmed parts
  • Renamed GPRS setting “Station Password” to “Server Password”
  • Minor bug fixes to SSP message packaging
  • Login is no longer attempted on an SSP transmission if the password is blank
  • For SSP selftimed messages, OpCurdata is sent if all the output tags have been set to “Last”, otherwise OpTimeTag is sent. OpTimeTag includes the time the data was collected, but not the alarm state. SSP stations did not initiate OpTimeTag messages in earlier loggers
  • Added “Copy” to Measurements menu. Used to create a new measurement by copying an existing measurement
  • Fixed a bug in automatic mux channel increment logic to increment correctly for existing muxes
  • Updated formatted setup generator for Dam Safety setups
  • Allow mux name change when creating a new mux
  • Fixed a bug in Inclinometer measurement type simulation
  • Added support for using GPRx:, SMSx:, and MSCx names when addressing Telit modem ports
  • Fixed a bug that would cause speech modem to hang-up before finishing all phrases
  • Average and VecAvg measurements now update their outputs on every sample only when the “Progressive” property is Yes
  • The offline setup program now has an installer that not only installs the app, but also speech files
  • Fixed bug preventing Send to Sutron transmission from working
  • Simulate function now supports entering either raw or processed input values
  • Corrected header value sent in forced LAN and GPRS transmissions
  • The Inputs diagnostics menu now displays measurement name, and input name (if any), rather than just I/O config
  • Added ability to acknowledge alarms from main menu
  • Added ability to enable/disable alarms via speech modem phrases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented phone numbers and SSP settings from being saved in the setup
  • Clear Cal Data now clears current cal offset and slope, rather than requiring a reboot to take effect
  • Fixed bug preventing setup of comms devices in Offline setup when FixedInternalPorts is No
  • Speech suffix and prefix phrases may now be set blank
  • Closing a comm port in offline setup where the port doesn’t exist no longer causes infinite “Closing” message
  • Fixed bug causing lockup when changing a satlink setting with recording on, while no satlink connected
  • Reduced the number of comm errors added to system log when recording started in system configured to transmit over satlink, but with no satlink attached
  • Values having bad quality are no longer evaluated for alarm
  • 4-20ma sensors no longer set quality bad when value read is out of 4-20 range
  • Added Settling Time property to Differential Resistance measurement type

8310 v2.2.13

Released to Production 05/15/2012

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.2.13.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.2.13_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.2.13_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Added support for remote property changes (e.g., via SET on command line, and SSP set-tag, etc.)
  • Added Vibrating Wire measurement type
  • Added new Inclinometer measurement type
  • Added Differential Resistance measurement and input types
  • Added new “Solar” input type to measure solar input to logger
  • Added ability to reset the accumulation from the setup menu Added Simulate menu to measurement setup menus, allowing user to enter specific input values to validate measurement coefficients and output processing
  • Battery measurements now use filter notch from the previous AD reading
  • Improved edit of ints and floats using the terminal interface; user should be able to enter values free-form, e.g., “-1.234e-002”, without having to move cursor position to and from sign and exponent
  • Reduced number of default right digits to 13, to ensure formatted floating point numbers will fit the display
  • The “Debug to System Log” setting in the Diagnostics menu is now preserved across boots
  • The Inputs diagnostics menu now shows mux information, when a mux is defined on the input
  • Fixed Diagnostics “Select Mux Channel” menu: 1) no longer fails when the display timeout is exceeded; 2) no longer locks up if a scheduled measurement queues a request for a mux channel concurrent with manual channel request; 3) channels increment one-by-one, rather than resetting to 0 each time
  • Enhanced the Diagnostics/Mux function to make it easier to make multiple sequential measurements; Also fixed bug so that mux is no longer left enabled following testing, when no further measurements are pending
  • Mux measurements no longer abort on recording stop (measurements will complete)
  • Mux control lines are now fully initialized to the disable state before use
  • When disabling a mux, system now waits 20ms after line state change to ensure time for mux to reset
  • Fixed a bug that could cause overlapping digital state change requests to result in a failure to configure the state properly (e.g., an output or filter state change may fail)
  • Fixed a bug in Bridge input type to consider VSense properties when searching the sample cache. Also fixed bug where sense channel measurement was not always fully configured before measurement
  • Fixed a bug in the tasks command that occasionally resulted in data abort exceptions
  • Revised the way telemetry buffers are allocated to reduce default sizes, and to reduce potential for memory fragmentation
  • Fixed bug in “tasks” command to show correct CPU time for each process
  • Revised Basic startup procedure to start only once
  • Basic INPUT programs now receive scheduled time, rather than actual time, in the .Time field of the input reading
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when using semaphores in Basic
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a crash when a Basic measurement is defined in the setup, but the corresponding MEAS_ program is missing
  • Basic WriteB function now detects a closure of underlying stream and/or failure to write, and sets timeout accordingly
  • Fixed bug where deleting a basic file containing a run time error does not allow the system to clear the error and continue running programs
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the transfer over telnet of certain files to fail

8310 v2.1.11

Released to Production 03/19/2012

Download SD upgrade here: 8310 v2.1.11.zip
Download Xterm upgrade here: 8310 v2.1.11_Xterm.zip

Download Offline setup here: 8310 v2.1.11_Offline.zip

Change Highlights

  • Improved reliability of SSP operations over RS485 at high baud rates (115k)
  • SettlingTime and CountsPerTurn properties are now sorted by integer, rather than as strings
  • Iridium transmissions now specify unique packet type IDs for entering and exiting alarms
  • Added support for Session Type 0 transmissions to Tempest over GPRS
  • Added support for using a basic program as an input type
  • Added an Invert processing step type to invert (1/x) input and output data
  • Improved the interface for editing floating point values so that very large and very small numbers can be entered
  • Added “WebDisplay” property to outputs; when Yes, output is displayed on 8310 default web page
  • Decreased time required to save the setup
  • Disabled measurement outputs are no longer shown on main menu
  • We now show number of disabled measurements, along with enabled, in Measurements menu title
  • Telemetry tags (satlink, iridium, gprs, etc.) now protect against divide by zero when interval is 00:00:00.
  • An interval of 00:00:00 in a telemetry tag now means “buffer latest data for transmission”
  • Added note to manual regarding where to go for BASIC language reference
  • Updated BASIC manual with note regarding use of ConfigAd and Ad in multithreaded apps
  • Fixed a bug that could cause CountsPerTurn.txt options file to also contain circumference options
  • Fixed a bug that caused connection to be dropped whenever user entered a bad user name and password combination
  • Iridium modem diagnostic response strings are now printed and logged without non-printable characters
  • 7310 self-test no longer attempts to run LAN test, despite such being set in setup file
  • Added support for Muxed inputs
  • Added Differential Resistance input type
  • Added Erl basic function to return the most recent error line number
  • Added Error basic function to return the name of the last error
  • Menus are now refreshed when returning to them from a submenu
  • Terminal invoked upgrade from SD card no longer appears to hang after registry backup step
  • Improved the speed of menu browsing significantly, particularly for large setups with lots of telemetry tags
  • Fixed a bug that caused the DHCP and LAN Settings to not be saved
  • The keyword Const is now considered reserved in basic programs
  • Revised input execution so that power switching only occurs when input sample has not been cached
  • Revised prompt for switched power settings during input creation, to improve flow
  • Input measurements now set data quality to bad when an I/O configuration or switched power error occurs
  • Add .log extension to new log files, if not already specified
  • Added terminal negotiation (ANSI vs VT100, etc.)
  • Eliminated i/o config error when counter in setup
  • 8310 web page now loads properly in Safari and Chrome browsers, added output moniker
  • Fixed a bug in ymodem to detect a disconnect
  • Fixed a bug that allowed logger to transmit empty buffer over Iridium
  • Modified bridge input type to support 4-wire potentiometer
  • Added ability to schedule basic programs from setup menu
  • When loading setups created with v1.0, Random DataInterval property no longer set to zero for Accum measurement types
  • Instantaneous and DewPoint measurement types now reflect live measurement values in outputs
  • The set of valid characters for Station Name has been revised to avoid characters used in SSP and filenames
  • Remote changes of Station Name are now validated before accepted
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a display lockup when pressing a letter not matching the first char of any menu item, with the internal dialog display active via Xterm
  • Simplified Satlink setup so that the same setup can be used for both V2 and pre-V2 Satlinks
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Input settings from being changed when accessed via the Diagnostics menu
  • Display status message when user tries to change read only log settings

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