AutoPoll Beta Software

Please note: BETA means the software has not yet been fully tested and released. To download the latest released version of AutoPoll, please go here: AutoPoll is Sutron software used to schedule periodic downloads of data and/or to collect data-on-demand from multiple Sutron hydro-met station loggers and logging sensors, including the following:
  • Xpert, 9210
  • 8310, 7310
  • Satlink
  • GPRS-Link, CDMA-Link, etc.
  • Stage Discharge Recorder (SDR)
  • Constant Flow Bubbler
  • and more!

Installation and Usage

AutoPoll runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, and higher. To install AutoPoll, download the installation package from below, extract the files to a temporary directory, and run the file setup.exe. The program will verify the correct version of Microsoft .NET Framework is installed. If it is not, you will be prompted to download and install the correct version.

AutoPoll will run for 30 days without being registered. License keys can be purchased from Sutron sales. To enter your license key, select the Help – License menu item.


The following sections are arranged by version, with the most recent version of AutoPoll BETA appearing first.


  • Published to BETA July 22, 2021

Change Highlights

  • Pause all tasks when opening Autopoll setup editor when service is running.


  • Published to BETA August 31, 2018

Change Highlights

  • Modified wake-up routine to support XLink 100/500 and later models Satlink3.


  • Published to BETA February 13, 2018

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2.14 that caused Hyrdromet Cloud messages to sometimes fail validation.


  • Published to BETA February 12, 2018

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug to prevent AutoPoll from restarting Capture tasks after detecting a system time change.
  • Fixed a bug to prevent AutoPoll from overrunning an input buffer when capturing a Hydromet Cloud transmission.
  • Fixed a bug to eliminate delays when AutoPoll restarts a Capture task due to a parameter change.


  • Published to BETA January 15, 2018

Change Highlights

  • Increased ACK timeout used in Hydromet Cloud protocol to 60 seconds, to reduce the chance of sending stations retransmitting data that has already been received.


  • Published to BETA October 30, 2017

Change Highlights

  • Improved installer support for Windows 8 and higher.
  • Prompt user to manually uninstall existing program before installing the new (automatic uninstall of AutoPoll service isn’t possible).


  • Published to BETA May 13, 2017

Change Highlights

  • Added support for capturing retransmitted self-timed data (i.e., session type “1” with report type “1”)


  • Published to BETA May 9, 2017

Change Highlights

  • Updated Hydromet Cloud protocol to support the new and more reliable session type “1”
  • Improved the default file names used for Hydromet Cloud captures
  • Fixed a minor bug where a socket error could inhibit a TCPIP-based capture from succeeding


  • Published to BETA March 30, 2017

Change Highlights

  • Replaced “Raw” capture option with “Use Hydromet Cloud Protocol” option


  • Published to BETA January 24, 2017

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where a log download over Modbus would fail if the current locale did not include “mm/dd/yyyy” as a valid format
  • Fixed a bug where the “Send Commands…” dialog would fail to reopen after the first closure
  • Minor improvements to TCP/IP connection handling during Capture tasks


  • Published to BETA November 21, 2016

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.2.6 where a capture over TCP/IP (where “raw capture” is not checked), could result in the task error, “Only one usage of each socket…”


  • Published to BETA October 25, 2016

Change Highlights

  • Capture over TCP/IP now saves to separate files per socket session, when “one file per download” is selected
  • Fixed a bug where capture over TCP/IP was ignoring the receive timeout
  • Fixed a bug where capture over TCP/IP was failing to close the socket properly at capture end, which could leave a client connection hanging open


  • Published to BETA October 7, 2016

Change Highlights

  • Added Satlink3 station type


  • Published to BETA April 12, 2016

Change Highlights

  • Eliminate exception thrown when run on FIPS-enabled machines


  • Published to BETA 08/05/2015

Change Highlights

  • Updated service name and description to display proper name and description on Component Services Windows utility
  • User manual now has correct part number


  • Published to BETA 07/30/2015

Change Highlights

  • AutoPoll as a service no longer starts automatically
  • Added ability to enter license info using the Service Controller dialog


  • Published to BETA 07/15/2015

Change Highlights

  • Added new feature to run AutoPoll as a service
  • Improved ability to handle disappearance of active event log (e.g., due to network drive going away, etc.)


  • Published to BETA 06/01/2015

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug causing Xlink downloads in group format to fail on first try when redirector is used
  • Fixed a bug causing connection to hang in open state for Xlink downloads in group format


  • Released 04/28/2015

Change Highlights

  • Added ability to change redirector address and port via options dialog
  • Fixed a bug causing the stations list in the Redirector connect dialog to sometimes be cut-off

AutoPoll v2.1.1

  • Published to BETA 04/28/2014

Change Highlights

  • Added ability to change redirector address and port

AutoPoll v2.0.9

  • Released 11/18/2013

Change Highlights

  • X-Link now supports unchecked “Separate date, time” download option
  • Fixed issue with using “Separate date, time” with modbus downloads

AutoPoll v2.0.8

  • Published to BETA 10/31/2013

Change Highlights

  • All device types now support download log option “Separate date, time”

AutoPoll v2.0.7

  • Published to BETA 10/30/2013

Change Highlights

  • Fixed problem with modbus group header (bug introduced in 2.0.1)

AutoPoll v2.0.6

  • Published to BETA 10/28/2013

Change Highlights

  • Fixed problem with Include Header checkmark not “sticking” after selection (bug introduced in 2.0.5)

AutoPoll v2.0.5

  • Published to BETA 10/24/2013

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bug in header output for Xlink log downloads over modbus (bug introduced in 2.0.1)
  • Support recent Xlink change to command line where command case is preserved. This change in Xlink causes the Time Sync action in Autopoll to fail

AutoPoll v2.0.4

  • Published to BETA 10/18/2013

Change Highlights

  • When user selects “View Event Log”, if no default text viewer is installed, Autopoll now shows an error message to the user, rather than crashing
  • X-Link “Include Header” option now hidden/reshown correctly when changing Action type back to DownloadLog (bug introduced in 2.0.1)

AutoPoll v2.0.3

  • Published to BETA 10/15/2013

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.0.2 that causes crash when changing from TCP/IP to Redirector
  • Added session type 0 captures to Xpert tasks
  • Disabled “keep alive” support until its better supported by loggers

AutoPoll v2.0.2

  • Published to BETA 10/07/2013

Change Highlights

  • Added support for Sutron Redirector (enables Autopoll to connect to stations using cell modems with private IP addresses)

AutoPoll v2.0.1

  • Published to BETA 10/02/2013

Change Highlights

  • Added ability to download single measurements from X-Link (e.g., just M1, or just M2, etc.)
  • Added option for Group Format to X-Link downloads. Group Format causes all data to be grouped together by date-time

AutoPoll v1.6.4

  • Released 08/16/2013

Change Highlights

  • Improved detection of last date-time from download file
  • Added support for latest Bubbler firmware, which changes the response to the LOG command
  • Modbus transactions now use relaxed timings over IP to account for cell network latencies
  • Modbus retries no longer have an extra CRC/LRC appended
  • Modem device types now use Connect Timeout as the timeout value for command processing, rather than a default timeout of one second. This can improve reliability of slow modem links

AutoPoll v1.5.9

  • Released 08/02/2012

Change Highlights

  • Fixed bugs introduced in v1.5.x with Xpert family time sync and use of password field when Requires Login is unchecked
  • Corrected status following failure to login sessiont type 0 capture task
  • Fixed bugs introduced in v1.5.7 with Xpert family command line operations
  • Exception during ymodem download no longer leaves intermediate file locked, preventing partial success
  • Fixed bug causing problems getting setup file when password enabled on unit
  • Fixed bug causing delay in downloading data from X-Link over IP
  • Fixed Capture over IP activity to no longer reject certain IPs
  • Entering for IP Address in Capture activity now allows any IP Address to connect
  • Added one-file-per-download support to Capture activities
  • Added new device types 7310, 8310, and X-Link
  • Added support for capturing scheduled, alarm, and forced transmissions from 7310, 8310, and X-Link device types
  • Added support for sending commands to 7310, 8310, and X-Link device types following a transmission capture
  • Fixed bug downloading whole log from Monitor family devices (Radar, Bubbler, etc.)
  • Added Retry Delay setting to insert a delay before retrying a failed activity
  • Added dialog to view task statistics (total successful, total failed, etc.)
  • Added ability to specify IP communications timeout
  • Added support for COM ports with port numbers higher than COM9

AutoPoll v1.4.4

  • Released 06/20/2011.

Change Highlights

  • Added SDR flow and GPRS diagnostics log entries
  • Improved trace statements to event log for ymodem transfers
  • Increased timeouts used in SDR and Satlink IP and modem comms
  • Fixed Span field to correctly compute span
  • Enabled download Data, Events, or Both for Monitor command line

AutoPoll v1.3.4

Released 12/14/2010.

Change Highlights

  • Fixed a bug that caused date-time values used in command line commands to be formatted incorrectly in non US-English locales. This affect log downloads from Monitor and Xpert, as well as time syncs of Xpert.
  • Extended total read timeouts
  • Added ability to use partial ymodem downloads
  • Fixed a bug that would cause IP connections to occasionally result in “host not found” error
  • Added ability to specify daily download schedule
  • Added ability to download the log from “yesterday”
  • Added ability to specify a download span greater than 23:59:59
  • Documented “One file per download” and “Delimeter” fields
  • Fixed a bug causing failures when getting a setup from Monitor


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