BETA Software / Firmware


All software found here is BETA. It is not fully tested and OTT HydroMet assumes no responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of using this software. Released and supported software can be found here.

All information herein is confidential and property of OTT HydroMet . It may not be redistributed without explicit permission from OTT HydroMet .

Links to the beta sites for different OTT HydroMet products

8310/7310 – utilities and firmware

AutoPoll – download logs, sync time, and send/get setups with Sutron loggers

Grapher – PC software that graphs log files

LinkComm – utilities and firmware for Xlink and Salink3

Satlink and Display (utilities and firmware for Satlink thru V2)

Xpert/9210 – utilities and firmware

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